Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

The funniest guy in my class

Hi people.. =)
Thanks for keep reading yaa..
Now I wanna talk about the funniest guy in my class..
He sits in front of my seat and makes me laugh all the day.
Okay, his name is YONANDA DEWANTORO. Somehow, for a reason that I never know people called him JADE.

He’s soooooo funny. He often tells a joke or does silly things that makes us laugh, laugh, and laugh. =D
Lemme tell you one,
Jade : (in physic lesson) “So, we study about Newton’s ring huh?”
Me : (lazy + sleepy) “Umm yea.”
Jade : “It’s totally mess up. I give up.”
Me : “Give up? It’s simple question, just reading for a while then you can solve it.”
Jade : “Well, have u ever thought that we all study about Newton’s ring and we need to apply sooooooo many formulas, then how if we study about his clothes? Or his house? I can’t even imagine..”
Me : (Laugh)
Ps : Newton’s ring is just circle of light which invented by Sir Isaac Newton, not a real ring.. =D 



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