Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011


I've just read an article about bullying and somehow it reminds my self in about two years ago. In high school, I'm just an invisible girl. Have no date in school, no much bucks, no much friends, and no hang out (it's not hyperbola). Well, I was being high school girl nightmare LOL. 

At first, everything was going as usual till someday my friend told me if I was fatter.
For me it was no matter, because I'm not kind of people who really care about weight. I love eating and trying many things new.
I don't know it caused by hormonal factor or what but my weight was really increasing although I didn't eat much.

Day by day, as my weight increasing people told me that I was being fatter. Not only told me, some of them even called me fattie or many evil nicknames.
And my nightmare began.

I didn't take my breakfast anymore. Because I have gastritis, my digestive system couldn't handle it. Stupidly, I changed my breakfast into my medicine without any food. 
I went to school without breakfast and felt dizzy. I couldn't take any lesson well.
When lunch time came, I ate as little as possible sometimes I just ate three spoons of my meal. 
Can you imagine? My school started at 6.30 am and ended at 2 pm and I just ate three spoons of meal.
At dinner time, my mom insisted me to take my meal and I made it be half of my portion plus a diet tea so that the meal wasn't digested.

My weight decreased, ten pounds in two weeks.
But something made it bad is my digestive system couldn't take it anymore. 
My gastritis became worse, I was suffering for people who even didn't know what I've been through.
bullying is wrong behavior

All that I wanna say is, you don't know how your words impact people's feeling even their life!! So, for you guys who have ever bullied someone else, please stop! Bullying doesn't make you more powerful or better than others.

And for you who has been bullied, I told you please respect yourself. Don't listen to them and just love your own life. Don't let them make you down by their words or behavior. Fight back, tell them to go away. 
can we stop bullying? yes, of course we can!!

It's your life! If you don't care, who will?



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