Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Follow your heart

I've read a quote from Steve Jobs and somehow it makes me think, have I done it?
I'll share the quote for you :
yep, it's about following your heart.
heard so easy but not that easy to do.
I'm wondering, how many decision I've made based on my heart?
I often made decision based on what others wanted me to do. Although sometimes my heart deny because deep inside I don't really agree with their opinion, I still take it just to pleasure people. Am I happy? Not always.

Lemme give you an example, my hair was long with no style. For the reason that I didn't know, I just loved it. But some friends of mine told me that it was too old-fashioned and asked me to make it trapped style.

And I made it.
People told me that I looked better than before. They said the style was fit in me. But one thing I ignored, "Am I happy for having this?"
Not really. 

Well, as Steve Jobs said I will grow the courage to follow my heart.
I may listen to people's voice, but I won't make them be my priority. My heart is my priority, others are just options. 

Wish me luck pepps...



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