Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

a late update >>> Happy Ied Mubarak :)))

Peeps, I know it's a very late update about Ied Mubarak. But I prepare pics for you guys, thanks for my cousin (Lukman) who captured all of these amazing pics.
Ladies in big fam
 Ied Mubarak is the time when we gathered together. I and my family went to Surabaya. It was super fun and great time.
A lot of food, yummy..

My mom with my aunty Yayuk and Syano

Me with my mom and dad

Aunty Elis

Ugly face

Smiling for togetherness

Me with my cousin (Rilla)

Mom and her timeless beauty :))))
Not just gathering, in Ied Mubarak there's a tradition giving money to family's member who haven't earned money yet. I thought it makes us learn to share each other and grateful.
Me and my cousin (Rhino) prepare the envelopes

Your name called, and money given to you
Something special in this Ied Mubarak is aunty Yayuk surprise birthday party.
Nova-Yassty-Uncle Safin-Arsya-Aunty Yayuk-Rhino-Youvie

Cut the cake aunty, wish ur life blessed :)

Keep loving each other, how sweet <3



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