Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Long time no write.. I miss you all..

hi peeps..
I miss writing sooooo damn mucho.. lol
hemm, for the beginning I just wanna tell you that I'm now a student of Universitas Padjajaran in Psychology major.
I come into new place, make new friends, and breath in new atmosphere..
here the pics :

 yep, I love my new lifeeeeee...
ps : I've already had internet connection in my room so I'll write on this blog more often. :)))))


Putri mengatakan...

manis banget cewek yg pake kaos merah di foto pertama :p

Aulia Fairuz a.k.a Owl mengatakan...

iya, manis kok.. :))))

Putri mengatakan...



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