Jumat, 11 November 2011

11 11 11 Batik Day for my class..

Hey peeps, in this special date : 11 11 11
My class decided to choose batik as our dresscode. It's fun you knooow...
But, because I have no casual batik clothes I wear my batik shawl.
Here are the awesome pics :
Psychology Padjajaran State Univ, 2011

me with Hilmy

Dora, Yusrinda, Eka

funny people, warm class

Dede, he's the 2nd winner for Mojang-Jajaka Kota Banjar

Zuy and Aun
and after class, I have a meeting for civic-assignment. 


Fany-Lidya-Abey (speaker for the topic)

Left to right. Sarah (in pink)-Selfi-Ute-Sincong

Reza and Dede, the only guys in our group hahahah

Our plan and topic

I dunno why I took this pic, hahahah

b o r e d, -___-"

Selfi in weird poseeee, lols

whaaaat? Sincong read comic? bzzzzz

Ute in batik dress


Putri mengatakan...

Bilang2 lah kalok mau m'foto....sukak x candid pun -,-

Aulia Fairuz or (just called me) Owl mengatakan...

that's why it's called candid, :p no need to tell yaa


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