Minggu, 13 November 2011

Arabian night with Ute

Heeeeyyy, Good morniing.
It's 2.02 AM hereeee.. 
I haven't slept yet, I and Ute is having ladies's night in my room..
:p and we make this super amazing pics..
Well, we always have great time with bestfriend huh? :)))

Finally... after making up the veil for almost an hour
Ute looks soo mature with her smile-but-not-smile, lols

Actually we want to pose like top model, but... Hahahahah

Now (I think) we look like super model, ayeeey..

Ute said, Arabian beauty is elegant..

With Brownieeeee

silly pose, hahahahah

smile smile smile.. :)))

Such a great timeee, XOXO

Super model (again?)

Walaaaaaa, hahahah

Keep our friendship forever, Amen..



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