Selasa, 08 November 2011

Civic-assigntment's group

Remember when I said I've so many assignments?
This afternoon I had a work for civic assignment, my politic knowledge is such a lame.. *sigh
Okay, my group is divided by two sub-group(s) to explain two chapters.
Yeaaah but see in good side, even in discussion I took some candid-pics.. hahahahah..

right to left : Sarah-Vina-Dede-Sinta a.k.a Sincong

heey, why so serious?

in blue>>Putri a.k.a Ute (Don't try to play when do an assigment with her, lols)

Urfa and Fanny

Dede in action

My beloved civic sub-group, we can't even stop laughing :DDD

Right to left : me-Lidya-Urfa (in pink)-Fanny-Abey (in grey jacket)
I'm so sure we can do our best in this assignment guys, keep our spirit on.. :)))
ps : peeps, please pray for us. Because the lecturer is so super kind (you-know-what-super-kind-means)


Putri mengatakan...

Gue kalo duduk bungkuk ya...

Aulia Fairuz or (just called me) Owl mengatakan...

teteup geulis kok neeeeng,

Putri mengatakan...

Jelek ah...
Itu harus diubah.

Aulia Fairuz or (just called me) Owl mengatakan...



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