Sabtu, 05 November 2011

having quality time with family (1)

I'm hommmeeeeeyyy,
ah finally I have a long week end with no task.
My family and I went to Mirota Gallery, I told you the stuff there is amazing.
Just fyi, not only in Tangerang, Mirota also located in Surabaya and Jogjakarta. It has many classic stuff with wothy price..
Enjoy the pics,

Mirota gallery

sorry for the pic's angel, I'm not that high :p

and the antique(ness) begins


Marylin Monroe

'Jamu Gendong'

antique statue

1 set of 'Jamu Gendong' mini statue

heheheh -____-" where's my head???

look at my faces, I'm a weirdooo..

dunno what ad it is, -___-

look, I'm cleaning the pic

free beer tomorrow, anyone?

he said, "take my picture too.."

can't handle my self when I saw mirror.. -,-

Heineken's beer old ad



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