Senin, 21 November 2011

On the movie with bestfriends

Making you cry along the movie
I've just went back to my tiny cozy room after watching movie with Ute, Sincong, and Lidya.
Well, when people decided to watch 'Breaking Dawn' I chosed this movie.
Simple reason, I didn't watch twilight series.. lols (see? I'm a weirdo..)

Before we went to the cinema, we were having dinner.. :p

Sincong and Ute waiting for the order

Me with lidya, -,- I'm look fatter beside her

texting texting texting

Ute, 'dunno what she's doing' -__-"

Can you believe that she didn't notice meeeeeeee? She took a poseeeee 

Yep, more candid pics.. :p

weird smile, bzzzzz

I'n trying to look scary with steak's knife, lol

Eatinggg yeeaaahhh

trying to open chili sauce, (with teeth?)

See? lidya seems always prepare her pose... -___-"

Apapun makanannya, minumnya teh botol sosro..


and we entered the studioooo...
ps : sorry the pics is sooo dark, we are not allowed to take pic in studio actually.. 

Me and Ute, okay it's not a clear pic

a bit better, at least you guys can see Ute's teeth, lol

Sincong and Lidya
Sincong and Ute were crying along the movie, -___-"
Well, I'm not easy to cry (lyiiing)
okaaay, after watching we took some pics also..

in restroom,
Even when washed hands? Hahahaha

Sincong took the pic, she denied to be taken cause of her tears, :DDD

Thanks God nobody was there, :p

seems like the pics aren't enough..

in front of the poster.. -__-"

those signs language mean 'see you later'

outside the cinema

look at my faceee, what the???

okay, quite normal (finally)

saying goodbyeeeee, sayonaraaaa, sampai jumpa lagiiii..

No matter how bad your day is,
if you need to make your day,
just call your bestfriends..

They really know how to make your day..


OpelAndilolo mengatakan...

aku suka film ini..dan aku slalu mikirin jwabannya kenapa aku berbeda..
dan sekarang aku tau jawabannya..
jawabannya : "Kenapa kamu harus sama dengan orang lain??"


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