Selasa, 22 November 2011


I have some sign-words to express something that I feel. Sometimes what I feel is totally different with the word's mean.
Well, I know people may have different sign-words but sometimes I can't handle myself and thought that they've same way of thinking just like me.

I say whatever when I don't care what you choose, what you want, what will happen to you. When someone said whatever to me, I thought he doesn't care of me. In fact, he may just wants me to choose what I want. 

"It's okay"
I say this words to response people's appologize. Well, you know what I means with 'okay'.
That's why I feel so guilty when I did wrong things to people. I know forgiving isn't as easy as sorry word.

"I'm fine"
Surrounding by too many good brothers and friends sometimes can be so difficult when we have many bad things happened. They will keep asking, why-why-why and telling about that shitty things just made you feel worse. One of my favorite is saying, "I'm fine" when in fact "I am really not.."

peeps, sorry..
can't write more for now..
Assignments make me decrease my writing intensity.. *sigh

Keep enjoying my blog ya,



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