Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

at Go-Scream with Ute

Peeps, yesterday I and Ute went to Go-Scream. It's such a ice cream and dessert place in Jatinangor (the place where we live now).

We bought you some pics,
ps : can you believe? every single menu in this place is just 1$ for each menu..

well, I gues you guys already know who is in the pic 

Go-Scream's twitter acc, facebook acc, and the number for delivery service

Pancake with vanilla ice cream (my favorite one)

Cream soup

Pancake with choco ice cream

Ute and her favorite flavour of ice cream

Nom nom nom


Putri mengatakan...

Enak tapi nunggunya sampe jamuran. hahahaha


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