Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

East Java

I miss my long hair, :((
fyi , these pics (and many pics later) made by my pic-editor partner..

Too bad, I'm not a pretty model.. lol..
but heeey, the pics are nice.. :))

This pic is taken at Novotel Apartment in Surabaya, capital city of East Java.
There's a beautiful park which I love to stay and snap many pics.. :p
It's located in main business district of Surabaya.
You can get more info about Novotel Hotel and Apartment by click here

This pic is taken at Tuban, East Java.
It's such a beautiful place.. You can see beach along the road, many meatball stalls on the beach, and this one in my favorite..

You can see people make salt from salted-sea-water (okay my English sucks, but you know what I mean.. Right?)

Oh ya, last time I checked.. There's a hot spring also in Tuban..
Tuban is known as the city of thousand caves.
Awesome place..
About Tuban you can see more interesting places by give a click here



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