Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Fashion and style is not about WHAT but WHO

Heeey, surprised with the title?
Yeaaah, I'm still NOT a fashion blogger peeps. 
Don't worry, I still your unfashioned blog writer.. :))

Well, as I told you about my lame-sense-of-fashion. Need a big courage to write anything about fashion here.. *deep inhale*
Okay, lets start..
Fashion and style,both for me is about about who. Yea, it's all about who wear that glasses, try that hairstyle, wear that shoes, etc.
Well, I know Guess, ZARA, GUCCI, and many other brands. But for me, brand isn't the real matter. The real matter is you. You that wears those things.

No matter how expensive (or cheap) your clothes is, if you wear it with no confidence, people won't see your style, you won't become fashionable, you just wear that brand.
You know, what makes us different with mannequin?
Fashion and style have nothing to do with prices,
they tell the world what type of person you're..
They tell what your mouth can't speak.

Peeps, the most incredible, priceless brand that ever exist..
is YOU.. :)))



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