Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Pornography is not about body parts

I've read an article from www.psychologytoday.com
it's about pornography,
you can read the article here
Well, I found an interesting sentences : 
"Pornography is not really about body parts; it's about an attitude of degradation, lurid titillation, and dehumanization.."
Yep, many people thought that porn is about having sexual activity in public places, showing your genitals, etc. But I agree that porn isn't about body parts. It's also attitude.

In Indonesia, all of adult (condom, durex, and else) advertisement usually air on tv after 9pm. I'm so grateful for that, :)) but what I'm talking here is the way actreeses and actor dressed up.

In my opinion, it's porn that makes girl just think about her boobs or her buttocks to be attractive. It's also porn that makes boys think they can use girl as a toy without any respects.

See? porn it's not really about body parts, it's an attitude and the way people (sometimes advertisements) showing something and affect many people (espesially teenager) about what sexuality is.



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