Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

To think before give any responses..

It's now heavy raining outside,
I've just awaken from my nap.
Yep, finally I can take a nap, Alhamdulillah.. :))

This day is the last day of my lecture in the first semester.
In the last lecture (it was English), my lecturer told us about why Indonesian people are mostly feel shy or even have no brave to speak English.

(I live in Jatinangor, with so many friends with different cultures and social classes. 
ps : It's not Jakarta, don't surprise with the numbers of people who are not understanding English)

She (my lecturer) said (one of many reasons) it's because of our bad habit, laughing at people..

Do you realize peeps? What we do, will affect others more than we expect..
Not only in learning, we need to think before we response..

What will he/she feel if I laugh at him cause of his mistakes?

If I were him, what will I feel?

I think the easiest way is just pretend you were others when you want to give any responses..

It's only doing something good can make good life.. :)))))



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