Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Peeps, it's now 1:58 am hereeee, between my sleepy eyes and headache I'm posting many pics those're taken this afternoon..

The story began when I, Ute, and Lidya decided to go to the Zoo in Bandung. Since we didn't know the address, I asked Christopel (he's also a blogger, you can read his blog here) to guide us there.. And after sitting on the bus more than an hour (the bus broke down and made us change to the other bus) we arrived at Universitas Padjadjaran, Dipati Ukur and met with Christ.

We had a breakfast first. Then went to the Zoo by public transportation.

The tickets
Arrived at the zoo

in front of Zoo's founder statue

We saw many animals. Aaaaaa, I can't handle my self.. They're soooo cute.. :3

and many more pics, 

Big big crocodile, so creepy..

Honey bearrr a.k.a Winnie the Pooh :))

Lion, Hi Nala.. you look pretty dear.. ;)

in English : Love meeeee...

in Bahasa : Burung Pelikan, dunno what it is in English

Burung Kakatua, he even can tease me.. hahaha, what an incredible bird..

turtle or tortoise? Ah, dunno what the differences.. -___-"

Ute try to touch the camel

sorry, forget to rotate this one.. -___________-"

me and ute

Taken by Christ, seems like he loved candid style.. Bzzzz

me and Christ


okay, forget to rotate this one also.. 

Christ try to tease me and I trapped.. *sigh

and after had so much fun in the Zoo..
we went home..

It's the last pic, look Lidya seems soo exhausted, lol


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