Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

What bestfriends do while studying..

Heeeeeey.. Aloha.. Hallooo.. Hello.. Holaaa..
Yeah, a bit silly intermezzo..
Peeps, I'm gonna tell you that,
:)) soooo glad to know that, lol

Anyway, last night I, Sincong, and Lidya studied for the last subject in final exam at Ute's room.
We're bored and starving, then we ordered some foods via text but it was such a long long time to wait.. Bzzzz..

But then I found good things to do while waiting the foods came.. :p
We took many pics.. lol

I truly love this effect.. :))

Then I and Ute tried

Okay, yes we four are so damn weird


Ugly face, lol

underwater effect

Look, the're fireflies :))

Being comic's characters

bestfriend's story(ies) will never end O:)

Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

East Java

I miss my long hair, :((
fyi , these pics (and many pics later) made by my pic-editor partner..

Too bad, I'm not a pretty model.. lol..
but heeey, the pics are nice.. :))

This pic is taken at Novotel Apartment in Surabaya, capital city of East Java.
There's a beautiful park which I love to stay and snap many pics.. :p
It's located in main business district of Surabaya.
You can get more info about Novotel Hotel and Apartment by click here

This pic is taken at Tuban, East Java.
It's such a beautiful place.. You can see beach along the road, many meatball stalls on the beach, and this one in my favorite..

You can see people make salt from salted-sea-water (okay my English sucks, but you know what I mean.. Right?)

Oh ya, last time I checked.. There's a hot spring also in Tuban..
Tuban is known as the city of thousand caves.
Awesome place..
About Tuban you can see more interesting places by give a click here

Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Glad glad glad :3

I was so chubby, right? lol

Bored with my 'virgin' pics?
fyi, virgin here is un-edited.. -____-"

From now on, my pics will be greater.. :p

Guess why,
I've a pic-editor partner for this blog..
He's one of my best friend since I was in Junior High School.
Yeyeyeyeyeye, soooooooo glad.. :))

Keep enjoying my crunchy words (and pics).. :))

Love ya peeps.. XOXOXO

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

at Go-Scream with Ute

Peeps, yesterday I and Ute went to Go-Scream. It's such a ice cream and dessert place in Jatinangor (the place where we live now).

We bought you some pics,
ps : can you believe? every single menu in this place is just 1$ for each menu..

well, I gues you guys already know who is in the pic 

Go-Scream's twitter acc, facebook acc, and the number for delivery service

Pancake with vanilla ice cream (my favorite one)

Cream soup

Pancake with choco ice cream

Ute and her favorite flavour of ice cream

Nom nom nom

Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Gift from my friend..

Peeps, just wanna tell you that I'm sooo happy right now..
One of my friends (he's also a reader of my blog) edited some pics for me..
Thank youuu, you thereeee...
I love vintage style and the pics are soooo cute.. :3
Thank youuu sooo much..

Okay weird pose, I know..

at Bandung with my Dad and my youngest brother

Ied Mubarak day

Family full-membered

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


I've just join a test,
this test will tell you about your existing situation, stress sources, restrained characteristics, desired objective, and actual problem.

You can try this test by giving a click HERE


I forgot when I found this pic,
hahahahaha, but it's sooooo cute and funny pic..
Keep enjoying, peeps..

Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Courage in asking question

Last week I have a discussion in private with my senior in Psychology Major.

We both discussed about people's courage in asking questions.

It's real that some people have no courage in asking questions especially in group or class where they will get attention  and sometimes response related to their questions.
Almost of all subjects (people-who-have-no-courage-in-asking) said that they're afraid of being humiliated. They afraid that others will laughed at them, thought that they're stupid, and many worries about bad responses. 

Do you know peeps?
It's just not a habit.

In future it will give a very bad impact to their mind.
People who has been laughed or given bad response to their question could change their mindset into better-not-to-ask.
Simple? huh?

These people will continue this habit along their life and (worse) generate this habit to their children. In education, it's clearly wrong to have no courage in asking question.

Learning itself is about asking question, discuss, and find the answer. When people have no courage to ask, then they won't discuss and the answer won't be found.

Peeps, for you who has no courage in asking because of bad response or humiliating response. I told you, be brave. Many great theories came from very simple question.

For the example,
Gravity theory came from a simple question, "Why an apple falls from the tree?"
Almost all people in the world have seen an apple falls from the tree, but only Newton asked why.

and peeps,
for you who have laughed or humiliated someone related to their courage asking a question in forum. I know you did it with no offense but sometimes our response impact others more than we expect, right?

Please appreciate every little thing people's effort.
Because only doing good thing can make good life..

Thanks for enjoying my words,
Have a very good day..

I love youu, XOXOXO

Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011


Ini bukan soal kita di masa lalu,
pun kamu yang sempurnanya tak terkalahkan untukku.

Ini soal aku yang terlalu takut memulai,
memilih bergeming tanpa keinginan untuk melangkah barang sedepa.

Bukan kamu,
atau luka yang menggoresku tanpa disangka.

Ini cuma ketakutan.
Ya, memang cuma ketakutan.

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

It is Indonesia (not somewhere else)

Peeps, I've found many awesome pics in Arra'di Nur Rizal's facebook note.
Huge thanks for him to allow me post those pics here..
ps : you guys can share the original version here

Enjoy the pics peeps.. :))

Hongkong? No it is Indonesia (Jakarta - Thamrin)

Spain? No it is Indonesia (Jakarta - Lapangan Banteng)

Shanghai - China ? No it is Indonesia (Jakarta - Mangga Dua)

Shanghai - China ? No it is Indonesia (Jakarta - Mangga Dua)

Sydney - Australia? No it is Indonesia ( Makassar - Bandara Sultan Hasanuddin)

New Zealand? No it is Indonesia (Komodo Island)

Monaco? No it is Indonesia (Bunaken)

Somewhere in Africa? No it is Indonesia (Gunung Kidul)

Gaza? No it is Indonesia (Medan)

Singapore? No it is Indonesia (Surabaya)

US highway? No it is Indonesia (Suramadu bridge)

halong bay vietnam? No it is Indonesia (Raja Ampat)

Mali? Africa? No it is Indonesia (Papua / Irian Jaya)

Mali? Africa? No it is Indonesia (Papua / Irian Jaya)

South America? No it is Indonesia (Bromo Mountain)
Caribbean? No it is Indonesia (Lombok)

Arab? No it is Indonesia (Aceh)

Maldives? No it is Indonesia ( Bunaken)

Thailand? No it is Indonesia (Prambanan Temple)

Japan? No it is Indonesia (Medan Cosplayer)

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