Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Hard to believe, I miss Jatinangor so much

I’ve been trapping in holiday so long. All my books and my internet super-speed connection are in my room in Jatinangor. Living in home, I’m being a couch potato all the days. All that I did were just waking up, making breakfast for others, watching tv, taking a nap, watching tv again, eating much, and sleeping. Post script I sometimes hanging out with friends.

I can’t believe that holiday can be so damn boring.
Correction. I’m not that bored. I enjoyed all that I did, but it’s just like something is missing.
I didn’t read, make papers, make assignments, and many things that I used to do.

You know what, peeps?

I miss lecturing so much.
I miss those assignments that the lecturer gave me, I miss sleeping so late to catch the deadline, I miss everything…
Even my tiny cozy room that messing up with so many stuffs and clothes and books.
I miss Jatinangor so much.



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