Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Trans Studio, Finally.. :p

I found many pics that I haven't shared to you.

The pictures are taken when I went to Trans Studio in Bandung, West Java on December 2011. My family went there with my aunty and my cousin also.. :))
It's such an indoor theme park with many costume characters walking around (I love this part).
There're many domestic and international tourists enjoyed the theme park.

Enjoy the pics, :))

Mi Kocok Bandung

Welcome statue

Buy the ticket first

I love this lamp style

Souvenir timeeeee

Old newspaper office

Here're the costume characters, 
Playing-ball clown

Charlie Chaplin

Bolang (Bocah Petualang)

I played vertigo, it's so damn awesome

She's funny ya know,


-,- creepy creature

Pirates :))

idk what are they

That's me, hahaha

me : "Dad, you won't win from meee,"

The pretty lady(ies) :DDD

Baskin Robbins, :9

Garuda di Dadaku 2 casts, Emir Mahira is sooo :3

Jeng Kellin(s)

See ya again, :')
You can read the info about trans studio Bandung by clicking here



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