Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

All you need is a bestfriend

Today in class I studied about hunger, one of the group that present about eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia) showed us a short movie about those disorders (I may upload later).
It was highly inspiring movie, it really opened my mind about how we should respect ourself and how we supposed to treat people around us so that they won't feel bad about his/her appereance.

My lecturer (Mr.Wijnand Raaijmakers) from Netherland said that most of people have wrong idea about how they can be accepted in social community. Most of them are girls, they see models in television or magazine and become obsessed to be slim. Unfortunately they choose the wrong way.
How they look themselves in the mirror

is that what you called pretty?

Anorexia is about mental health
It remind me of a moment when I've had a break in lecturing today.
When I was in front of the mirror and combed my hair (girls do that, right?) my friend told me that some of my teeth had gaps and it looked bad.
Okay, it shocked me a lil bit. I've lived for eighteen years and haven't noticed that thing till today.
My friend also said this teeth's gap need to be repaired soon or no boys will be interested in me. WHAT A????
I maybe single but not stupid at all..

I looked at Ute and she smiled and said, "As long as you think that's okay, thay will be okay.."
I smiled and said inside my head, "I'll always okay.."
You know sometimes no matter how bad the situation is, all you need is just a truly bestfriend..



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