Selasa, 14 Februari 2012


I've just had a coversation with my friend.
He wrote on his fb status about his friend (a girl) who used whitening skin product and her face become white un-naturally.
Well, actually I felt the words were quite offensive, but I knew he didn't mean it.. :)
Everything is cool now..

Speaking about whitening skin product, I think you guys need to know that in my country (Indonesia) many girls use whitening skin product. Well as you know, I live in tropical country, many girls here are tan (ps : me either).

ahahaha, okay smiled-face failed. -,-
I've learned that, beauty sometimes means rare.
In some countries when people are white, beauty means tan.
In some countries when people have black hair, beauty means blonde.
In some countries when people are starving, beauty means fat.
In some countries when people have big nose, beauty means small nose.

Those're the main reasons why girls assumed that they need to change.
They need to change into some kinds of beauty definitions that people made.
Somehow it's become money field,

Whitening skin cream
Plastic surgery
No, I'm not against plastic surgery nor whitening skin product.
I'm not that kind of person, :))
I think everybody have their rights to be accepted in their community.

The question is, is that worthy?
I left the question for you to answer..



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