Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Control your ANGER before being DANGER

Have you been angry?
Angry comes from a basic emotion called anger.
Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.
If you asked me, yes anger is completely normal.
Many kinds of people expressing anger, could be explosive, it could also just stay quiet.
A study which is done by Institute For Mental Health revealed that anger could mean a healthy. The rule is, in a healthy management. There are four specific steps to manage anger :

1. Identifying mistakes and attitudes that affect our stance for overly angry.
Once the error is corrected, we would be much easier to control anger.

2. Identifying factors of our childhood that impede our ability to express anger.
These factors include fear, denial, and ignorance.

3. Learn the proper way to express your anger.
So that we can keep control of situations that cause anger, even more effectively.

4. Close the wounds that may be left by the emotional impact of the devastating fury.
Besides the four ways to manage anger above, there are four things that should not be was done to respond to feelings of anger. Here they are :

1. Equivocation.
To deny the anger will add stress and will lead to the diseases associated with stress.

2. Burial.
This is not confined anger but delay expression.

3. Diversion.
Spill anger on something or someone that is not related to target our anger.

4. Indirect expression.
Angry for some reason but to spill anger on something else.



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