Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Defining what happiness is

Each person have their own way to define happiness.

Some of them may go shopping, spend a lot of money, buy many stuffs even they don't really need it. They just happy to do it.

Some of them may go the casino, bring a lot of hopes, wish a luck, keep gambling even they know someday they will lost everything. Yes, they're just trying to define happiness.

For me, happiness is as simple as lying on the bed with my mom. Spending many times with laugh and sometimes random topic to talk about.

Happiness is as simple as hugging my father and tell him how I'm proud of being his only daughter.

Happiness is as simple as helping my brother's homework, still do it even when my brother finally went to bed before I finished.

Happiness is as simple as waking up in early morning just to listen to my bestfriend's story about how jackass her boyfriend.

Happiness is as simple as writing in my blog, smiling, and hoping everyone read it happily..



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