Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Happy for being such a little sister

Listening music, writing on blog, smiling and wondering what will happen in my life tomorrow..
How's life can be so simple, huh?

As you know peeps, I was born as an eldest daughter in my family..
But somehow no one can see a leading ability in my self..
I've some really really close friends, they're boys..
and somehow they pretend me as their lil sister.. -,-
am I that childish? Rrrrrrr..

and fyi, we've pure friendship with no affair..
--" They even have their own gf..
*and I'm forever alone*

#1 Abdi Praja Ari Putra a.k.a abang
Well, I've told you about this big guy..
you can read the post here

#2 Ghani Adityo Agung a.k.a Ka Aga

He's my number one reminder in college-life. 
A retired DJ, clubber, thinker, basketball-player, blogger, photographer.
Someone that makes me always stuck in amazement with his way of thinking..

and some more that don't want to be exposed..
*kayaknya takut banyak yang nge fans yahh.. hahahaha*



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