Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

No matter how asymmetrical

I'm so relieve that midterm for biological-psychology is over.. Hahaha
Last night I slept-over at Ute's place and studied till 2 AM.

Speaking about biological-psychology, my lecturer (Mr.Wijnand Raaijmakers) made a simple test for us about faces.
He gave us this pic,
symmetrical and asymmetrical faces
Well, it was given to us in pair and we were asked to choose which we prefer from those faces.
After counting the result, Mr. Wijnand gave us a conclusion that there's a pattern about attractiveness between men and women.
He said that we (in general) unconciously assume that symmetrical faces are more beautiful than asymmetrical faces. It related to the instict about choosing the healthy one to be our partner.

The topic was interesting, but that wasn't why I wrote it here..
At the end of lecturing, Mr.Wijnand gave an incredible superior and amazing closing statement.
He said, "More or less, we'll fall in love into someone no matter how asymmetrical his or her face is.." 

You can read the full article about this topic here



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