Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Singapore. Easy to enjoy, hard to forget.. :))

On my last holiday, I went to Singapore with my family.. :))
For me, no matter where you spend your time is, the most important thing actually is people who accompany you to spend the time.. 
And family, truly the best choice..

Here are the pics.. :p

me with @NaufalFirmans at Soekarno-Hatta airport
@FikarFakhri arrived at Changi airport
After checking in and put all of our stuffs, me and my family having dinner at Indian Restaurant.

My favorite, Tulang Merah
The next morning we planned to go to Chinese Garden.

Heading to MRT station

Hawker centre, place when you can find so much menu with reasonable price

On MRT to Chinese Garden with @FikarFakhri and @NaufalFirmans

Touchdown, Chinese Garden.. :))

With another tourist

Bridge of prosperity
Like father like daughter :3

My shio :))

Blonde & Asian 

What a cute baby.. :3

Merlion Park
The next day is Chinese New Year.
We went to Chinatown and you can't imagine how many people there..
There're many lampions, stalls, and many people from different countries.
I can't even breath..
I can just take few pics.. :(((
but if you want to have more info, just click here

A friendly uncle and aunty

Having dinner at Chinatown

Too busy to eat anything on the table.. :p

And the last day in Singapore..

Breakfast with Kaya toast and tea

Sultan Mosque

Bugis street
on MRT to Changi airport, me and my brother snapping silly pics.. --"

A friend from Malaysia

On Skytrain to the terminal at Changi airport

My brother have no balance to call his gf and he spent about 3 dollars in public telephone just to make a few minute conversation with his gf.
Because I don't have any bf, what I did is.....
disturbing him and making noises to interrupt his conversation.. LOL

that what's a sister for, LOL
You can get more infos about places in Singapore just by giving a click, here


why? mengatakan...

cieeeh jalan-jalan

Aulia Fairuz. Owl. @aulifairuz. mengatakan...

Alhamdulilaaah.. :)) Tahun ini jadi kan ke Aussie yu? Post yaaa.. :))

Anonim mengatakan...

nice trip :) ghv

Aulia Fairuz. Owl. @aulifairuz. mengatakan...

Thanks ghv. Thanks for enjoying ya.. :))


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