Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

You won't see the good thing if all you do is complaining

I write this post after seeing many people complaining about Jatinangor.
It placed on the west Java.
Yep, Jatinangor is where I take my study now.
There're some college in Jatinangor, Padjadjaran state university is one of them.
Something that I don't get it many people (let say, my friends) often complain about Jatinangor. I don't care what they're complaining about, I truly don't care. Because no matter how good things are in front of us, all we'll see is just darkness when we intend to complain everything.

I feel pity on them.
They don't know how cute the smile of a homeless lil girl when I gave her some candies.
They don't know how kind a guy who helped me when I was too scare to cross the street.
They don't know how polite a laundry-man who told me that there're money in my jeans pocket that he washed.

They'll never know unless they stop complaining..
Peeps, let's open our eyes and feel happiness around.



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