Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Creating Confidence

Today I read a book which is written by Meribeth Brunch.
The book entitled Creating Confidence

I read one chapter which tell about Creating Positive Presence.
One way to create positive presence is developing personal space.

Have you seen your friend was happy? or even sad?
You somehow know it eventhough they say nothing.
Happy or sad are the things that we sense and feel often without knowing the reason intellectually. Presence does the same.

The obvious indicators of a person's presence are posture, energy and health, the eyes, the voice and levels of awareness and sensitivity.

Three things that necessary to develop our personal space are :

Posture (static/dynamic)
Physical alignment and posture contribute enormously to presence and crucial to commanding space.
Postural bad habits are correctable
Remember that our body consists of billions neurons that vibrate?
That is how we should posture.
Posture of our body should be dynamic. 
Note : If we think we are flexible, mobile and as physically responsive as a cat that thought will brings energy which flows to the body, voice, and image.

Those with kind of energy sparkling, alive eyes, look healthy and vibrant and appear to be a person you would like to know better.

The Eyes (just looking/really seeing)
Nothing is more attractive than a person with shining, sparkling, fully present eyes.
Eyes is one indication of the expansiveness of your space and sign of 'being here'.
Eyes with light on them show life, energy, awareness, and reflextion of a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy person.
It's true that eyes are mirror of the soul because eyes hold the key to a large amount of information about you.

Eyes that are seeing is fully present in the moment and ready to listen or respond.
Otherwise, eyes that reflect thinking, feeling, or inner listening are not seeing but appear to be defocused or roaming inwardly. This  can happen when we are thinking about something, looking for an answer, or pre-occupied with our internal dialogues and feeling.
Note : When you are 'self-centered' you prevent yourself from being fully present and it is most apparent your eyes.

Once you begin to see with a wider vison, your sensitivity is heightened.
You are alert to your audience, yourself, and your environment and well on your way to 360 degrees awareness.

This heightened awareness increases your sensitivity to those around you, sounds, colours, smells, and the quality of the air. You are alert and kept in present by the millions of antennas around your body that constantly feed your info.



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