Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

Expectation build perception

Okay, I've told you that my lesson is now about perception.
In this chapter I learned that our expectation build perception.
can you read 'perception' word in this pic?
We won't recognize a loaf of bread as a mailbox in a kitchen because we don't expect a mailbox in a kitchen.
In short, we will process our sensory input and fit it with our expectation.
When you see a black thing in the dark, if the black thing has a tail, you will expect it as a cat or dog instead of a purse.
This makes me wondering.
Do we do the same in feeling?
Does our expectation build perception?
If we do, the we have more probabilities to fall into wrong person.
Our expectation of that person will build our perception about him/her.
And (if you ask me) yes we have more probabilities to be broken..
But hey, wait..
It's all about probabilities, right?
There will always be good result for us who lucky enough..
and I believe, good things can make good life..



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