Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Feedback VS Judgement

First of all, I want to say sorry because I haven't posted any useful posts in several days.
I've some problems bugging in my head, LOL.

Today's lecture was about attention and localization, some friends of mine presented a good presentation about that topic with (of course) an interesting video.

After the presentation, our lecturer (Mr.Nelwan, Peter) told us how to make a good work in team-work.
One thing that really impress me is about giving feedback to our partner in team-work.
Mr.Nelwan also told us that giving feedback is so much different from judging.
In a team-work to improve our team ability, we should give feedback instead of judgement.
At first, I thought that feedback and judgement are more less similar.
Till Mr.Nelwan gave us some example;

Judgement : "You're lazy."
Feedback : "I observed that you always come late into our meeting. I thought it'll be better if you come on time next time.."

Judgement : "You're so useless."
Feedback : "I observed that you have less contibution in our discussion, is there any material that you haven't got it yet? You can ask us if you want to.."
Judgement is subjective (even offensive) and change not even a thing.
By giving feedback you can tell them the fact with solution which is helping them to develop more.
Feedback can also be positive (feedback is divided by two ; negative feedback and positive feedback). When your friend come early before the meeting is start, he/she prepared all the things before anyone come. You can give him/her a positive feedback by saying, "I really appreciate for what he/she did so we can discuss conveniently.."

Yes, since now I will give feedback instead of judgement..



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