Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

Listening with no mouth

Idea of this post came from my friend's tweet,
"I need ears, with no mouth.."
It was a metaphor, she wanted someone to (just) listen to her..

Have you ever listened someone that asked you to listen to?
I mean, really listened to him/her.
We need ears to listen, that's all we need.
Listen with no mouth means leaving any activities when we listen to someone.
It also means we should be empathy and not making any judgement about him/her.

I know it's really hard to do,
especially when your bestfriend fell into a jerk
or when your bestfriend forgave his boyfie who has cheated on her.
But sometimes people make mistake, right?
I think being a bestfriend means we have to be ready to catch our friends whenever they fall.
Yep, this post is also a lesson for me.
We need our ears to listen, not our mouth.



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