Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Money can't even buy

I'm alive peeps,
I was beating all the assignments.. LOL
ps : these pics below aren't mine. I have no time for snapping any pics :(

This evening,
A friend of mine was asking (via chat) about my hair,
he said that my hairs are now dull and mess up.
He said that there're two black circle around my eyes.
He also said that my face is now lack of nutrition so that look so bad.
I smiled while typing the answers.
Yes, my hairs are now dull and mess up. I walk everyday under the sun directly.
Yes, there're two black circles around my eyes. I got them by sleepless doing my assigments.
and yes, my face now is lack of nutrition. I can't put treatment on my sched plus I walk between the pollutions everyday.

I can fix them all, don't worry..
My hairs and faces (including the black circles) can be fixed by many treatments that can be bought with some money.
Something that money can't buy is my 'now' time.
My sleepless time when I did my assignments.
My great time that I spent with my girl friends no matter how hot the weather is.
My lecture and super great lecturers.
And I'm happy for being me, I'm grateful for having such friends like I do now.
I'm sure, someday when I graduated. Someday when I can earn my own bucks. Someday when I don't need to do any assignments. I can get better appearance.

I'm now just enjoying the things which money can't even buy..

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