Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

They stole my heart..

Sorry for posting too late.
Just want to give a lil surprise :p

I joined Jatinangor Education Care and decided to be an English teacher in fifth grade at Cikeruh primary school.

There are some pictures,
sorry for the quality I just took them with my phone and the class is quite dark.

Ka Novi is teaching
 There's no even a lamp inside the class, and they still use chalk and blackboard.
Yes everything is so limited, the ceiling is broken, either the door.
Hard to believe that they still have so much spirit. 
The boys were singing in the class.. 
They sang a song in sundanese and since I don't know sundanese I have no idea what the song about.. -,- hahahaha..

They're all very bright and active.
My partner (Kak Novi) and I sometimes have hectic time to arrange them all. --"
But overall, they really stole my heart. :')



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