Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

This guy

Yep it's now 3:18 AM and I haven't slept yet.
Listening many love songs while writing and this idea just appear like
Yes I do love romantic movie, I do love them.
And sometimes I wish I can have a really sweet story just like they have in the script.
I wish there's a guy with no doubt come to me with a bucket of roses and so on..
But life has its own script which is written by God, huh?
Sometimes it's bitter, sometimes all we feel is just pain and hurt..
We can't just wish that someday we find a guy that would do many sweet things as an actor in a movie does.
We can't just wish that we will find a guy who act like mind reader and know everything in our mind.
Our life is real, and I try to accept it..
We may no have a super romantic guy but we have a guy who promise us that he won't leave us no matter how bad the situation is. He promises that we will always be his one and only beautiful girl even when we put no make up in our face.
All we have is just a guy who listen to us when everything seems so messed up and all we can do is crying on his shoulder. He will whisper that everything is gonna be alright and somehow magically we believe him.
And a guy who can't dance or even sing in the rain.
A guy who makes us happy just for standing by his side.

When we have this kind of guy, I think the actor in romantic movie will be so meaningless.
Don't you know why?
Because this guy is real, he doesn't act by a script.
He acts with his heart.
And that's more than enough.



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