Jumat, 20 April 2012

Dress and skirt..

In order to welcome Kartini's Day on April 21st,
My major decide to make a dresscode todaaaaay..

The boys were asked to wear batik shirt,
The girls were asked to wear batik or dress,
I have not worn any dress for lecturing before,

Here are the pics :
blue dress, black tight, and flat shoes with lovely ribbon :)


I took this while lecturing.. #bad student

BFF :)
 Okay, these pics below are our pics which are taken by Novita..

When I, Lidya, and Tata felt enough..
Ute was just.. "Aaaaa I want more pics.."
And this two pics are so failed..
Idk why Ute posed like that -,-
Ute : "Aaaaaaaa...."



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