Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Auguste Comte

My lecturer, Bang Iqbal asked us to make a poster about a philosopher.
It was great time ever in the philosophy lecture.
Well, since I don't really love that subject.. :p

My group made a poster about Auguste Comte, a positive philosopher.
There are the pics:

Anjana and Tata prepared the poster

Messing up

Idk why Ute posed like this -_______-"

Failed witch -,-

Aufa was wearing costume :)

Uyeah snapping pics 

Our poster :)

Ute and Vina were playing glitters 

Blink blink anywhere

Ute was giving lecture :p

Me and Tata were posing over and over again -,-

Lecturing (again)

Yes, a cute chick in black is Nawang :p

Idk what they were doing -___-"

Those ppl were posing in a lecture? Gosh.. -,-

Ute in Indian outfit

Yes dear, you're pretty no matter how you posed, Gosh I'm so enfy on youuuu *smooch*

Me on France Jersey :)



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