Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

me & my ex (not a love story)

Just felt bored in a lecture, then I made it up.
Well, this post is quite long, thanks for reading anyway.. :)

*on the phone*
me : "Really, I think you should find someone new.."
ex : "What for? I like us.."
me : "Dude, life must go on. I told you, this relationship won't go as deep as we had before."
ex : "Yeah, you told me that like million times."
me : "..." *think maybe I should give him a chance and start over*
ex : "Umm.. I think there's something I need to tell you.."
me : *sigh* "Stop saying love, I don't love you anymore. Please stop saying that~"
ex : "Listen to me first." *silent* "I think I've found someone new."
me : *surprised* "Really? Glad to hear that. So, who's the lucky one?"
ex : "She's just my friend, at least for now.."
me : *laughing in awkward* "How's her? Beauty? Cute? Smart?"
ex : "Ordinary. She's not as tall as you, not as smart as you. I just like the way she is.."
me : "She must be kind and warm.."
ex : *excited* "Yes she is. You know? She loves to help, she sings very nice, and her smile.. Gosh, can't take my eyes off her.."
me : *somehow feel so hurt and dumb*
ex : *realizing that no response from me* "Are you there?"
me : *tears about going to down* "Yes. I'm sleepy, I think I should go to bed now.."
ex : "Noooo, I won't let you. There're many many things you should know about this angel."
me : "Okay." *shut my mouth so he won't hear me crying*
ex : *saying many things hurt me deeper than before*
me : "Do you know, I've read an article.. It's written that if we want to know how we feel to someone just pretend that tomorrow is the end of the day. If it really is, what will you say to her?"
ex : "I do really care of her, I don't want to lose every piece of her.."
me : *end the conversation* *crying till fall asleep*



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