Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

A (NOT) date disaster

Have you ever feel so damn fed-up in a date?
I've had felt that once,
Hmm.. no no.. it was not officially a date..
Well, it's totally NOT..

*He texted me*
H: "So, ready for tonight?"
O: ":)"
H: "Thanks for letting me ask you to a dinner.."
O: "Well, sorry for rejecting over and over again. I was in really hectic days, you know.."
H: "I know.. :)"

*15 minutes before he picked me up*
H: "I'll go to your place, then."
O: "Not necessary, I can go to the cafe by my own."
H: "Will never let you,"
O: *blushing*

*At my place*
H: "Hi,"
O: "Hi,"
*Awkward moment*
H: "Let's go,"
O: "If you say so,"

*At the cafe*
*After ordering foods*
*He played his Blackberry*
*No attention for me*
*The food came*
*We ate*
*He still played with his Blackberry*
*I was so fed-up*



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