Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Jakarta Adventure -part1

In long holiday, my cousin @arkial came to my home to spend his 'gabut' day.
We decided to have a lil adventure in Jakarta,
Here are some adventurous pics:

We went to Bank Mandiri Museum,
It such a great place with many antique stuff.
A tip for you who intend to go there, please bring mineral water or a fan because the weather is so hot and sweaty.
But for you who doesn't bring any drinks, there's a cafetaria inside the museum.

Enjoy the antique pics:

Creepy statue -.-

Bank in the old times

big big guest book

See ya in part2.. :)


arkial mengatakan...

mana foto patung dewi hermes nya -___- ?

Aulia Fairuz | Owl mengatakan...

Iya,mau dipasang tapi blur fotonya.. :(


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