Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Jakarta Adventure -part3

This is the last part of my trip,
Actually we (me and @arkial) went to Art museum but we aren't allowed to snap pics there..

And here's the last pics:

At Wayang Museum

In front of Merdeka Palace,
Oh ya, I asked for permission for snapping pics in front of Merdeka Palace to a Police Officer.
Here we are:

with Pak Sri Widodo, the police officer

And the last but not least, landmark of Jakarta..
National Monument a.k.a Monas
it has gold on top of it

Istiqlal Mosque

We also try Bajaj, the public transport in Jakarta.
Bajaj is just like Tuk Tuk in Thailand.

I come to the end of my post,
Good luck for you who intend to enjoy Jakartaaa..



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