Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Culinary Festival

On weekend, I went to Culinary Festival at Summarecon Mall Serpong.
Well, since my fam loves food (and I mean crazy of food) we spend much much time there..
The event was fabulous, full of people (and foods of course).
Bite the pics.. :)
we use this voucher to buy everything

Thanks BNI for free drinks.. XOXO


Mie Es Kurt with bubblegum flavour

Bubur Kampiun, super yum..

Martabak Kubang

Owl :3

Nasi Bakar

lotta love <3

fresh and full of fruits

Es Selendang Mayang
This festival is the second event after last year Summarecon Mall Serpong held the same event with Bali Theme.
And YES, Indonesia have super great culinary EVER!!!!



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