Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

Night is still young

Uti and me were asked to be a make-up artist for an event in our Faculty.
Well, it wasn't that formal.
Since I love prettifying people, so it was super fun. :)

really, I put no make up even a foundation on my face :')

and we discuss about the color

Make up do by Uti. Model by Bams
And I got the princess..
Yes she's my friend, she's pretty, and lovable :3

Model by Winny

After had taken Bams, Uti was asked to handle our junior -.-
our masterpiece :)

Winny and Bams in briefing

Winny and Arreza <3 Wish you longlast guys.. :)
 I also had a great time with the girls :3

you know who are we in specific order -_______-" LOL

I also took pics with people around..
You know I can't help it, I love pics :p

Me and Ka Acir

Ninoy - Adam - Me

Owl - Ka Mija - Ka Acir - Uti - Ka Nitnot
Yes, the night was still youuuung..
We sang, danced, laughed.
But then my stomach became dumb and I had to go back..

But heeeey, it was a great great night.
You did a GOOD JOB guys.. :p



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