Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

(not) Couple photosession

I joined a short movie project with my friends as a scriptwriter.
Yeah since I love writing and imagining.
But then we have no cast to be the wife in our movie,
:') *you know what I mean*
Idk if I really look like a wife or what.. Bzzzzzzz..

These photo are taken to be family album or something.
My senior, Kak Deri as a husband.
He's pretty funny, though.
We can't stop laughing in the session. LOL

Ps: There lovely pics are taken by Bella Amanda Maharani- @bellamandam

Do we look like new married couple? Ahahaha

You have no idea how hard to make Ka Deri smile like that.. -____-"

Silly pose, okay ugly for meeeh~
Wait for our (coming soon) movie yaaa..
Special thanks dedicated to Bella for patience and awesome pics.. :3


Uti mengatakan...

Katanya ga mau foto-foto ini dipublikasi -.-


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