Minggu, 18 November 2012

Dear a guy..

And here I am,
sitting in front of my monitor, with my face full of grin.

For every fight we've been through,
there will be a tiny time we spend with thousand feelings going to explode.
Okay, I'm mumbling now.

And for you ♥♥♥..
Thanks for every second you spent to stare and smile and assure me everything is gonna be fine. Thanks for every 'love' word you use to call and every 'I love you' statement in very unexpected moment.

For a whole rainy-day,
for sitting and waiting me to finish my meal,
for every touch and the way you caress my head.

Yes, I'm deeply in love with you..
Dear a guy with biggest heart and warmest hug ever.

Sorry for the unspeakable 'I love you too' sentence because I'm too speechless in every moment you stare.
But you know I do, right?



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