Minggu, 11 November 2012

Jatinangor Youth Gathering

I joined an social event for youth in Jatinangor.
Since we learned Psychology, so we made kind of seminar for them
And yes they were excited, :)
*These picture are taken by Bella Amanda Maharani

Welcome guys :)

Idk why I closed my eyes, -___-"

asked by Tasya to greet with the super awesome participants

silly as always -.-

Being a volunteer for ice breaking time


Gossiping with others during the event :3

Another gossiping timeeee

Yeah, still gossiping~

crazy pic with kak Icha and kak Pute

The evaluation as hot as hell. :'''

tired physically and mentally *sigh*
But the event was fun and awesome, I've had some new friends..
And one of the participant said that I was am pretty.. :3
*kind of nggak penting gitu ya last sentence nya, yaudahlah ya..*



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