Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

Silly silly chat

*Me: on the bed, doing nothing. Him: doing his final assignment.*
"Have taken your medicine, dear?" | "Nope, I haven't eaten anything." | "Eat. now." | "Chat with me, I'll take my meal." | "Okay.."

*Me: on the bed, doing nothing. Him: preparing for his group meeting*
"Morning dear.." | "Morning, have just waken up?" | "I have. I wanna be with you like along the daaaaaay.." | "Can't be, I will have my group meeting this afternoon." | "But I'm lonely, I feel terrible and sick and headache and.." | "Okay, we can chat during the meeting dear."

*Me: on the bed, doing nothing. Him: studying for his final exam*
"Hey.." | "Hey, getting better?" | "Nope, I miss you. What are you doing?" | "Studying. Tomorrow I'll have an exam, remember?" | "I do. Let's chat.." | "..."

See how he can be this super sweet? :3
Yeaaaa, my partner is SUPER CUTE!!

ps: I really wish he doesn't read this post.. :|



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