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I just don't know what to do without you.

Tourette's Syndrome

Yep, another fascinating presentation today in my class..
Today we were talking about disorders.
There were Schizophrenia, mood disorders, and depressions.
One grup was presenting a topic (and showing a video, of course) which made me so much thought that I really need to share to you, peeps..
It was about Tourette's Syndrome or TS.
Tourette's is not related to autism, OCD, attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder, or seizure activity
Have you ever known someone that showed uncontrolled tics?
He/she moved unusual or vocalized bizarre sounds, repeatedly?
Some of them may be a laughing matter because of people's ignorance?
They may be people with TS.
TS is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder that is first evident in childhood.
TS characterized by multiple movements and uncontrollable vocalizations called tics that come and go over years. In a few cases, such tics can include inappropriate words and pharases. Not all people with TS are showing tics, many people experience additional problems such as obsessive compulsive behavior (OCD).

And last but not least, my favorite tagline about TS :
source : http://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/tourettes-syndrome

Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Control your ANGER before being DANGER

Have you been angry?
Angry comes from a basic emotion called anger.
Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.
If you asked me, yes anger is completely normal.
Many kinds of people expressing anger, could be explosive, it could also just stay quiet.
A study which is done by Institute For Mental Health revealed that anger could mean a healthy. The rule is, in a healthy management. There are four specific steps to manage anger :

1. Identifying mistakes and attitudes that affect our stance for overly angry.
Once the error is corrected, we would be much easier to control anger.

2. Identifying factors of our childhood that impede our ability to express anger.
These factors include fear, denial, and ignorance.

3. Learn the proper way to express your anger.
So that we can keep control of situations that cause anger, even more effectively.

4. Close the wounds that may be left by the emotional impact of the devastating fury.
Besides the four ways to manage anger above, there are four things that should not be was done to respond to feelings of anger. Here they are :

1. Equivocation.
To deny the anger will add stress and will lead to the diseases associated with stress.

2. Burial.
This is not confined anger but delay expression.

3. Diversion.
Spill anger on something or someone that is not related to target our anger.

4. Indirect expression.
Angry for some reason but to spill anger on something else.

Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

Snapping silly pics

I love you in sign :))

Ssst, I wanna tell you something..

Be taken care of

As many girls do, I usually googling for tumblr things.. :))
Yep, tumblr pics are really cute and sweet..
I wish someday (when I have my own camera) I can make many cute things and hunt many great pics to be shared. Amin.

Do we realize that we often say or hear others say, "Take care.."

But tonight I found a good pic about taking care,

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Anak tangga nomor empat

Aku ingat.
Di anak tangga nomor empat, kan?
Waktu kamu tanya aku dengan suara yang beradu derasnya hujan.
Aku diam. tersipu malu-malu.
Begitu saja, lalu kita saling menukar hati.

Awalnya mudah. Manis. Bahagia.
Awalnya hanya potongan-potongan senyum yang kau rangkai menjadi tawa.

Lalu kejenuhan menyeruak.
Membunuh perlahan seperti racun yang mulai menyebar melalui kapiler darah.
Pelan namun menyakitkan. Pun mematikan.

Ah kamu,
Aku mampu bertahan kalau itu yang kamu inginkan.
Aku yakin mampu.

Tak sepertimu yang langsung berlalu,
mengembalikan hatiku yang sudah jadi abu.


Silly post-title, huh?
In this post I'd like to share about banana's super power..
Don't you know that banana contains 0% fat and 0% cholesterol?
Good info for you who are in diet program, rite?.. :))
Besides of its potassium, dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins. Banana also contains tryptophan.
Tryptophan is one kind of amino acids which helps the body to produce serotonin.
Serotonin has a calming effect on the brain so that you'll have a stable mood.
(Mr. Wijnand mentioned in the class that banana can produce happy feeling)
And our body doesn't produce tryptophan naturally, that's why banana is one of the easiest way to get it..

source : http://thetaoofgoodhealth.com/6-awesome-health-benefits-of-bananas-9/


I'm alone in my room with all failed scheds.
Well, this morning I went to campus and did some lalalalala things with my choir group.
Everything was okay till I got breakfast and feel soooooo sick..
I wish I get better soon,
Insha Allah..

ps : I'm sorry for writing such a random thing.
I miss ya all peeps.. :))

Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012


Living in new place made me found my new family and friends.. 
But sometimes (just like now) I can't deny that I miss my own family (mom-dad-Fikar-Naufal) so much..
I miss the way my brothers annoyed me,
I miss the way my parents told me to be a lil bit more dilligent.. -__- 
I miss them more than words that I can say..

These picture are taken when we had a new year holiday at Puncak, West Java.
can't be more happier

Picking strawberries

I love this pic

My handsome broer

No matter how far you go, your family is where will you always belong..

No matter how asymmetrical

I'm so relieve that midterm for biological-psychology is over.. Hahaha
Last night I slept-over at Ute's place and studied till 2 AM.

Speaking about biological-psychology, my lecturer (Mr.Wijnand Raaijmakers) made a simple test for us about faces.
He gave us this pic,
symmetrical and asymmetrical faces
Well, it was given to us in pair and we were asked to choose which we prefer from those faces.
After counting the result, Mr. Wijnand gave us a conclusion that there's a pattern about attractiveness between men and women.
He said that we (in general) unconciously assume that symmetrical faces are more beautiful than asymmetrical faces. It related to the instict about choosing the healthy one to be our partner.

The topic was interesting, but that wasn't why I wrote it here..
At the end of lecturing, Mr.Wijnand gave an incredible superior and amazing closing statement.
He said, "More or less, we'll fall in love into someone no matter how asymmetrical his or her face is.." 

You can read the full article about this topic here

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

All you need is a bestfriend

Today in class I studied about hunger, one of the group that present about eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia) showed us a short movie about those disorders (I may upload later).
It was highly inspiring movie, it really opened my mind about how we should respect ourself and how we supposed to treat people around us so that they won't feel bad about his/her appereance.

My lecturer (Mr.Wijnand Raaijmakers) from Netherland said that most of people have wrong idea about how they can be accepted in social community. Most of them are girls, they see models in television or magazine and become obsessed to be slim. Unfortunately they choose the wrong way.
How they look themselves in the mirror

is that what you called pretty?

Anorexia is about mental health
It remind me of a moment when I've had a break in lecturing today.
When I was in front of the mirror and combed my hair (girls do that, right?) my friend told me that some of my teeth had gaps and it looked bad.
Okay, it shocked me a lil bit. I've lived for eighteen years and haven't noticed that thing till today.
My friend also said this teeth's gap need to be repaired soon or no boys will be interested in me. WHAT A????
I maybe single but not stupid at all..

I looked at Ute and she smiled and said, "As long as you think that's okay, thay will be okay.."
I smiled and said inside my head, "I'll always okay.."
You know sometimes no matter how bad the situation is, all you need is just a truly bestfriend..

Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Aku tau

Aku benci saat tau bahwa kamu bukan lagi milikku.
Aku benci saat kekosongan yang sebelumnya tak pernah kau biarkan hadir, berhasil mengisi celah antar jari tanganku.
Harusnya cuma kamu yang boleh disana.

Aku sedih saat kamu bilang cinta itu telah menguap.
Aku sedih karena harus bertarung dengan egoku untuk melepaskanmu.
Kali ini, kubiarkan egoku menang.
Seperti keinginanmu, semuanya kubiarkan saja musnah.

Aku tau seharusnya aku menahanmu pergi.
Aku tau.

Bila amarah cepat meminta.
Sesal akan selalu jadi jawabnya.

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Enjoy Bandung

I went to Bandung with Ute,Sincong, and Lidya yesterday..
We visited Museums,
The first one was Geology museum, the second is Postal museum.
They both are cool...
You can click here for further info about Bandung tourism.

These pictures are mostly taken by Lidya Kemala Sari,

Welcome to Museum of Geology


Other shells


Family tree

Fossils of the tree


Geotectonic map


Ametis Crystal

Geode Ametis






Lidya, the picture taker







They're old but cute

Postal main office

Indonesia Postal Museum


Tourist Guide 

The collections :

Goodbye :))


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