Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Jakarta Adventure -part3

This is the last part of my trip,
Actually we (me and @arkial) went to Art museum but we aren't allowed to snap pics there..

And here's the last pics:

At Wayang Museum

In front of Merdeka Palace,
Oh ya, I asked for permission for snapping pics in front of Merdeka Palace to a Police Officer.
Here we are:

with Pak Sri Widodo, the police officer

And the last but not least, landmark of Jakarta..
National Monument a.k.a Monas
it has gold on top of it

Istiqlal Mosque

We also try Bajaj, the public transport in Jakarta.
Bajaj is just like Tuk Tuk in Thailand.

I come to the end of my post,
Good luck for you who intend to enjoy Jakartaaa..

Jakarta Adventure -part2

After having sweaty time in Mandiri Museum,
we went to Bank Indonesia Museum.
You need to know, it was super great museum.. 
It's full AC, many audiovisual map, greatest museum ever.

I adore Mr.Habibie so much.. :*

Jakarta Adventure -part1

In long holiday, my cousin @arkial came to my home to spend his 'gabut' day.
We decided to have a lil adventure in Jakarta,
Here are some adventurous pics:

We went to Bank Mandiri Museum,
It such a great place with many antique stuff.
A tip for you who intend to go there, please bring mineral water or a fan because the weather is so hot and sweaty.
But for you who doesn't bring any drinks, there's a cafetaria inside the museum.

Enjoy the antique pics:

Creepy statue -.-

Bank in the old times

big big guest book

See ya in part2.. :)

Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Eid Mubarrak Holiday..

Happy (late) Eid Mubarrak,
This year, I wasn't going to Surabaya just like I did with my family last year.
Since the traffic was so damn bad, we decided to go to Bogor..
We stayed at Harris Hotel,
All the furniture and theme were orange and green..
Geez, I really enjoyed that place..
at the lobby

I was the only one who has just waken up -.-

best spot ever, swimming pool view

fitness centre and jazz longue

Before having dinner

Naufal's favourite~

Playing cards

Yeaaah, my favourite sport.. 

I can't handle the cold, but still they swim till noon.. Brrr


dan Tuhan akhirnya menghadirkan lagi seseorang yang mengingatkan saya bahwa,
"Terlalu mendengarkan apa kata orang tidak akan membuat kita lebih maju.."
Hi for you, :)
Thanks for coming into my life..

Sad face

I have no idea why Iook like that, that pic above is taken by Sarah Khairunnisa.

Owl bicara soal bullying~

Pagi ini baru saja bangun dan mendapati tweet seorang teman di dunia maya yang sedang membanggakan diri setelah kemarin membully habis juniornya dalam ospek..
I don't know if that's just me or bullying is truly beyond kampungan..

Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Friends gathering at Ngeumong

Heiho peeps,
sorry for unposting sooooooooooooo long..
I've been busy with many stuffs, hehehe
These pics are so out of date but still cute, :p
I've had a gathering with my friends from primary school..
The place called, 'Ngeumong'..
Enjoy the pics :)

Welcome :)

Galih and fries, hehe

Our table

They have unique name of menus

me and Syifa


me and Syifa (again)

not cute at all.. -____________-"

super nyam~

shrimp ball


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