Sabtu, 06 April 2013


I met you for a reason.
No, but many reasons!

Maybe HE wants me to be happy and smiling more than crying till fall asleep.

Maybe HE wants to show me that I don't need to put any make up on just for being pretty for someone I love.

Maybe HE wants to tell me that a guy who makes me his priority between many scheds does really exist.

Maybe HE wants me to be calm if I have pimple(s) on my face because you never complain about it.

Maybe HE wants me to take a rest because whenever you're around I feel so sleepy.

Maybe HE wants me to cross the street safely because you always hold my hand whenever it's possible.

Maybe HE wants me to get no more nightmare because you never let my hand go even while I'm sleeping.

Maybe HE wants me to thank HIM oftenly because you really make me grateful for being yours.



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